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Here you will find an original concept, based on the advice and direct sale of control and automation equipment that focuses on personal contact with customers and an immediate response to every need.

The aim is to give a specialized response to the market of air conditioning and heating installers, with regards to the specific theme of control systems -  from large centralized technical management systems for buildings, to the simplest individual control systems for UTAs or solar collectors, the enthalpy counts and energy monitoring systems, including a wide range of field equipment such as motorized valves, sensors, thermostats, recording actuators, variable speed drives, weather stations, etc.


Energy Meters
Energy Meters
UPT 210
Contador de Energia Trifásico, c/ Display, Classe de Precisão 2, Porta RS485/MODBUS e 2SD
UPM 315
Analisador Energia DIN 96x96 LED + 2 saídas + RS232/485 + Harmónicas

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