According to data released by the main energy agencies, approximately 40% of primary energy is consumed in Buildings, and the savings and optimization potential in this area are expressive, capable of sustaining new businesses.

Within this potential savings in Buildings, the Control and Automation Systems are those that produce faster results and with the most attractive Return On Investment Periods (ROI).

GEOTERME has a orientated strategy for monitoring and retrofiting in existing buildings in order to reduce energy consumption and increase the level of comfort and quality of operation and maintenance.

In existing buildings we can offer energy audits and diagnostics to define and account for the potential of improvement measures to be implemented. Based on this information building managers take decisions with defined objectives.

After the implementation of the measures the results are monitored through customized tools ( for each installation in order to reach the KPIs or consumption levels initially defined when making the decision.


GEOTERME offers a technical support and service for Automation and Energy Management Systems, ensuring the best operating conditions of technical equipment and energy use.

Through the service contracts, GEOTERME ensures continuous monitoring and optimization of the facilities parameters, thus resulting in an even more efficient operation.